Grandland X - Keeps you comfy.

Keeps you comfy.
Carries on.

The new Vauxhall Grandland X is arguably the complete SUV. It’s elegant and muscular, yet also versatile and calm. Whatever life throws at it, the model simply continues to glide along on its journey without a care. With great finesse, impressive technology, and exceptional performance, it’s no wonder the Grandland X is such a popular choice. 

Spacious on the inside and with comfort you have to experience to believe, this is a model that takes care of business for you. So simply sit back and relax. Everything else is covered. 

Keeps you protected.
Carries on.

SUVs are the perfect choice for growing families. Strong, agile, and resilient, they can withstand anything. In the new Grandland X, you can also experience great protection and driver support. Take advantage of Blind Spot Monitoring to avoid pulling out into traffic. Lane Departure Warning to avoid straying on longer journeys. And Forward Collision Warning to avoid, well, forward collisions. 

Need a little extra help getting parked? One touch of a button and the hard work is done for you. Sit back, control the pedals, and let the vehicle steer on its own into the spot. It’s almost as if you’re being chauffeured. 

Grandland X - Keeps you protected.
Grandland X - Keeps you connected.

Keeps you connected.
Carries on.

Remember when mobile phones first became smart? A world of entertainment in your pocket. Now it can connect directly to your vehicle for the ultimate road trip. The Grandland X’s IntelliLink system connects to your device via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. 

Stream music and satellite navigation. Take calls and send messages. You can even take advantage of wireless charging should your phone be really smart. Make each journey pass in next to no time with our innovative connectivity. 

Grandland X - Keeps Calm. Carries On.

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Grandland X - Exterior
Grandland X - Interior
Grandland X - Keeps control.

Keeps control.
Carries on.

There’s no need to worry about handling with the Grandland X. This is a model that takes the rough with the smooth and never complains. IntelliGrip offers greater traction depending on the road conditions. So, come rain or shine, the Grandland X will step up to the challenge and adapt accordingly. 

Smooth, efficient engines, meanwhile, work with slick transmissions for an effortless ride. Surprisingly economical and refreshingly clean, you can ensure your on and off-road journeys are as guilt-free as can be. 

Keeps calm.
Carries more.

Sometimes, simple planning makes a world of difference. Take, for instance, the Grandland X’s storage solutions. Fold flat seats open up an impressive 1,652 litres of storage space in the rear making long getaways easy. The hands-free tailgate also ensures loading is effortless. No need to fumble for your keys while your hands are full: just swipe your foot under the bumper and the boot will open up. Easy peasy.

Grandland X - Keeps calm.

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Keep Calm.

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