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Partners Programme

What is Partners?

Vauxhall Partners is a scheme put in place between Vauxhall and companies across the UK to allow their employees, and their relatives, to be entitled to extra level of discount off brand new Vauxhalls. This means you could receive even more discount off your next new vauxhall from CMS Kidderminster over and above any deals we are currently advertising.

Who is Eligible?

If you are an employee of a Vauxhall Associate Partner company or a member of an Associate Partner organisation, you are eligible for Partners Discount. You can also nominate family members, meaning they too can benefit from big savings on new vauxhall! Between you, you can purchase up to six vehicles in any 12 month period.

The following family members can qualify:

- Partners or spouse
- Parents and Step-parents
- Brothers and Sisters
- Step-brothers and Step-sisters
- Children and Step-children

Associate Companies

The majority of the UK population are eligible for the Partners discount due to the vast companies that are included within the scheme.

The list is ever increasing of companies that are included and these are just a highlight of some that are involved:

- ADT Fire and Security 
- Asda 
- BT 
- B&Q 
- EDF Energy 
- Fire Service 
- Police Federation 
- Post Office 
- Royal Mail 
- Sainsburys 
- Tesco 
- Members of UNISON 
- ATL, Association Of Teachers and Lecturers 
- NAHT, National Association Of Head Teachers

With the Partners scheme a brand New Vauxhall from CMS Kidderminster is now even more affordable so why not call one of our Associate Partners specialists today on 01562 535 975 for more information and see if you (or a family member) qualify