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Young Drivers On The Road For Less

Following the success of its young driver insurance offer on Corsa, which was taken up by over 1,500 customers, Vauxhall is offering the same great deal to young ADAM drivers to help lower the cost of motoring.

Drivers aged 18-20 can get one year’s insurance cover for a one-off payment of £99, which they can even earn back, and 21-75 year olds can get free insurance on most ADAM models.*

“With young drivers potentially paying upwards of £2,000 for insurance when they are 18, this offer for ADAM drivers is an amazing deal and shows our commitment to lowering the cost of motoring,” said John Hennelly, Vauxhall’s Marketing Programmes Manager.

The £99 insurance offer for drivers aged 18-20 and the free insurance offer for 21-75 year old drivers is available for all eligible orders or registrations up until 6 th April 2015 when an ADAM is taken with either a 2.9% PCP contract or a contract hire agreement.

To qualify for the offer, 18-20 year old drivers simply have to allow insurance provider, ingenie, to install a ‘black box’ to monitor driving style, including speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. Under the previous Corsa offer, over 70 per cent of customers received a money back discount.

They will receive a score from ingenie every ten days or so (depending on mileage) via a smartphone app. If they drive well, they will be rewarded with up to £33 per quarter – meaning they could recoup the cost within 12 months.

“We’ve made it our mission to help get young drivers on the road without breaking the bank, and most importantly to keep them safe while they’re there,” said Richard King, founder and CEO of ingenie.

The offer is available on JAM, GLAM, SLAM models in the ADAM range, with only the ADAM GRAND SLAM excluded. However, Vauxhall is making the GRAND SLAM as affordable as possible with a 2.9% flexible PCP contract offer, so drivers can get behind the wheel for just £199 per month with a deposit of £2,572.35.

For more information on the new Adam insurance offer contact one of our friendly and experienced staff on 01562 535 975

*Terms and conditions apply