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We Launch A Free Service That Puts Our Customers In The Picture

For drivers who want to remain in control of their car, even when it’s in for servicing, it will come as welcome news that we now have a solution that will put our customers well and truly in the picture.

We are delighted to announce we have launched a completely free service that will enable customers to visibly see for themselves the detail and associated costs, should there be any urgent or recommendedrepair work when their car is in the workshop .

Servicing you can see for yourself

Entitled VX360°, this complimentary facility allows our on-site expert Vauxhall trained technicians to capture on film the recommended vehicle repair work and share it with owners immediately via mobile and email. This means customers can be in a position to make decisions about whether to proceed (or not) with complete transparency and confidence. All customers will be provided with a video too, even if there is no work identified.

Graham Mezzone, our Retail Operator explains: “ Customer service is our top priority, which is why, a s a proud local retailer, we are excited to be part of VX360°.

“The innovative VX360° system, which is a first for Vauxhall, can be requested free as part of a regular service and enables owners to see exactly what the technician sees thanks to filmed footage of the customer’s vehicle whilst it is in our workshop. This means our customers are in a unique position where they can view the footage and make the choice about whether they wish to proceed and let us know immediately, saving both time and hassle.”​

How VX360° works:

1. Customers book in their car for a service with our service team of expert technicians as usual

2. We then share a film of the customer’s car via email or text, providing details and costs, should there be any urgent or recommended work

3. You as the customer can then choose to approve the work (or not) quickly and simply at the click of a mouse or by emailing their service advisor

Graham Mezzone concludes: “The next time a customer books their car in with us - whether for an annual service, an MOT or for repairs – we’d like to invite them to ask to give VX360° a try. We look forward to sharing our view with them!”

VX360° is available with different types of work, such as an MOT, servicing or repairs. Customers can request it on the day or when booking their Vauxhall in.