Motability with CMS Kidderminster

We understand that all of our customers have different needs when buying a car, whether you plan to drive or be a passenger (or both!)

At CMS Kidderminster, we have a number of Motability offers on different models within our extensive range. If you receive the Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance or War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement customer then go ahead and see what Vauxhall Motability has available for you!

There's a large range of cars available for Vauxhall Motability customers. We have a selection of Motability offer examples below, to view the entire range, please click on the link below.

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Available from NIL Advance Payment*

The new switched up Corsa with a modern, dynamic and poised exterior. Whilst the cool, stylish all-new interior brings you the latest tech and innovation.

New Corsa Elite Edition 1.2 Turbo 100ps -  £NIL Advance Payment 

New Corsa Ultimate 1.2 Turbo 100ps  Manual Or Automatic - £49 Advance Payment 


Available from NIL Advance Payment*

An electric car that’s more everyday than out-of-the-way. With an impressive 209 mile range^ of emission-free driving, Corsa-e takes you everywhere you want to go whilst being kinder to the planet. Corsa-e is accessible to everyone and designed to fit in with your life perfectly.

Corsa-e SRi Nav Premium 11KW - £NIL Advance Payment 


Available from £99 Advance Payment*

Sit back and relax in an SUV that fits your Motability needs. Combining a commanding view with a more engaging drive than ever before. Get there in style and comfort in all-new Mokka. Contact CMS Kidderminster today to arrange a test drive.

New Mokka SRi Premium 1.2 (100ps) Turbo Manual - £99  Advance Payment 

New Mokka SRi Premium 1.2 (130ps) Turbo Automatic - £299 Advance Payment 


Available from £NIL Advance Payment*

A taste of the future, inside and out. With a revolutionary design, high-tech interior and a new all-electric engine. Rewrite the rules with the all-new Mokka-e. 

New Mokka-e SRi Premium 11kW -  £NIL Advance Payment


Available from £99 Advance Payment*

With its clever seating, ample storage and smartphone solutions, the New Crossland is ready to handle whatever makes your day. From plants and pets of all shapes and sizes, to a car full of kids and all their gear. Contact CMS Kidderminster today to find out more.

New Crossland Elite Edition 1.2 (130ps) Turbo Automatic - £99 Advance Payment 


Available from NIL Advance Payment​*

Say hello to our largest Motability car and the ideal companion for any adventure. With a high driving position, excellent visibility and parking sensors as standard, you can feel as confident as can be at the wheel.


5-seater available from NIL Advance Payment*
7-seater available from £349 Advance Payment*

The Vauxhall Combo Life is spacious and versatile. Available as a 5 or 7-seater model, with a wide driver doorway, rear sliding doors and large boot capacity, the Combo Life is the ideal Motability car. Making life simpler and easier all-round.


Available from £1099 Advance Payment*

The Vauxhall Astra is more stylish and dynamic than ever before. With its striking good looks, premium feel, lighter handling and IntelliLink connectivity the Astra is the ideal Motability choice. Test drive the Astra at CMS Kidderminster today.


Available from £1249 Advance Payment*

Loved for its practicality and generously versatile space, the new Astra Sports Tourer could be the perfect Motability solution. Get in touch with CMS Kidderminster today to find out more.


Available from £1,249 Advance Payment*

With the Vivaro Life providing flexibility of 8 or 9 seats and a generous storage space, you’ll have versatility for any adventure. However far you travel, your passengers will feel at home with our luxurious interior and high specification.


Available from £1,249 Advance Payment*

The versatile, spacious Vivaro Life but with a fully-electric, zero emissions powertrain. The new Vivaro-e Life provides a smoother, quieter journey with lower running costs. A practical choice for your and your passengers.

New Vivaro-e Life Combi L 9-seater 7.4kW - £1,249 Advance Payment