Vauxhall Plug & Go – be ready for electric car driving With CMS Kidderminster

Vauxhall are leading the way when it comes to electric cars and plan to only offer fully electric cars and vans from 2028 - two years ahead of the government deadline.

CMS Kidderminster are helping to move Britain into the electric era with the Vauxhall Plug & Go offer, available across the entire electric vehicle range, making it easier than ever to make the switch to an electric car by providing peace of mind and hassle-free electric driving for everyone.

What's included in Plug & Go?

Free home charging unit

Every electric Vauxhall comes with a free home charging unit (worth £800) and includes free home installation. Choose from two wallbox options, then just plug in your electric vehicle overnight and the next morning you're ready to go. Easy!

8 years European roadside assistance

Our electric and hybrid models come with 8 years roadside assistance cover^. This includes roadside, home service, relay and European assistance to help you get going again.

When repairs by the roadside aren't possible, we'll take care of onward passage for you; up to seven passengers and your vehicle to any single mainland destination.

8 years battery warranty

How long will the battery on electric cars last? This is a question we’re asked a lot, but is something you don’t need to worry about! Enjoy peace of mind with our eight years/100,000 mile battery warranty for your electric vehicle. Even better, the warranty is transferable and guarantees at least 70 percent charging capacity throughout the warranty period.

6 months free BP Pulse subscription

With your Vauxhall electric car or van you get a free six month subscription* to BP Pulse - the UK's biggest charging network giving you access to over 7,000 charging points across the country.

3 Years Free Servicing

3 Years of free servicing is included as part of the Plug & Go offer across all LEV cars and vans.

Based on recommended manufacturer service intervals, 3yrs servicing covers the below services depending on model:

  • Corsa-e or Mokka-e are serviced at 1yr / 8,000 miles & 2yr / 16,000 miles
  • Combo-e or Vivaro-e (+Life variants) are serviced at 1yr / 12,500 miles & 2yr / 25,000 miles
  • Grandland Hybrid are serviced at 1yr / 20,000 miles, 2yr / 40,000 miles & 3yr / 60,000 miles

Your Wall Box Options

PodPoint Solo

Installed by: PodPoint

Specification: 3 year warranty & 7.4kw charging

What can you do on the PodPoint App?

  • Customer support access
  • Scheduled charging & charge history
  • Public PodPoint charge point finder

Survey process: Self service online. Ideal for the quickest possible installation journey.

Hive EV Charging

Installed by: British Gas

Specification: 3 year warranty & 7.4kw charging

What can you do on the Hive app?

  • Live chat in-App and diagnosis
  • Scheduled charging & charge history
  • Integrated home control with the Hive App

Survey process: Virtual survey with a British Gas engineer. Ideal for leaving the work to the experts.

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